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Have you got what it takes to save Quarton? Check out these Ionix games to help you learn more about the power of shapeshifting. Shapeshift. Build. Unleash!

Please note: These games are not yet supported on mobile devices. Please visit on your home desktop or laptop to play these games.
Tenkai Knights - The Battle for Quarton

Tenkai Knights ™
The Battle for Quarton

The Guardians have called upon the legendary Tenkai Knights to save Quarton from Vilius.

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Tenkai Knights - Race to Redemption

Tenkai Knights ™
Race to Redemption

Experience true robo-fusion! Fly the Prodo-Jet to victory as you battle the corrupted hordes!

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Tenkai Knights™ Tenkai Boost

Tenkai Knights ™
Tenkai Boost

Quarton is under attack by the minions of the evil villius. Dodge incoming missles and guide Bravenwolf!

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Tenkai Knights™ Bravenwolf's Run

Tenkai Knights ™
Bravenwolf's Run

Help Bravenwolf fight his way across Quarton. How far can you make it?

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