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Robofusion: The incredibly powerful combination of Tenkai Energy that occurs when warriors are in perfect sync. Collect Valorn, Lydendor, Senjo, and Tavox to merge their shapeshifting bricks and accessories to create the powerful Robofusion – Airlancer! When the battle gets tough, unlock even more Tenkai energy, shift and combine each character to create Robofusion and soar into battle!

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  • Revolutionize construction play with the shapeshifting bricks of Tenkai Knights powered by the IONIX construction system!
  • Bricks like nothing you’ve seen before. Bricks that come alive. Bricks that shapeshift. Bricks with unexpected surprises. Bricks that unlock your imagination.
  • Collect Valorn 10011, Lydendor 10009, Senjo 10013, and Tavox 10014 to build the powerful Airlancer Robofusion jet. Downloadable instructions at
  • Build your Tenkai power by collecting the entire world of shapeshifting bricks including: humanoid, winged, 4-legged, action, titan, power and weapon bricks!
  • Fully compatible with leading construction brands. Made for boys aged 6-14.

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