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Have some questions about shapeshifting? We have answers. Check out the most frequently asked questions below and if this treasure trove of knowledge still leaves you wanting send us an email and we will get back to you.

Q: Where can I find Tenkai Knight toys at retail?
A: Currently, Tenkai Knight toys can be found at your local Toys R Us, Target, Walmart and Mastermind Toys Retailers.
Q: I'm having trouble putting together some of the sets and can't shapeshift the bricks properly. Where can I go for immediate help?
A: For the first time, you can now view interactive, digital instructions on how to shapeshift and build the Tenkai Knights toys. Items listed in the "products section" of the website have a link to view video instructions. Choose the product you want and then click on the video instructions button.

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Q: When does the Tenkai Knights TV show air?
A: Tenkai Knights airs new episodes at 7:30AM/6:30 CT on Cartoon Network in the United States. You can catch repeats on Sunday mornings at 7:30AM/6:30 CT.

In Canada, Tenkai Knights airs Sunday mornings on Teletoon at 7:30AM. If you happened to miss an episode, or you just want to watch your favorite episode again, check or local cable provider for Tenkai Knights Video on Demand (VOD).

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Q: What's the difference between IONIX and Tenkai Knights?
A: IONIX is the name of a revolutionary, new, toy construction building system. The IONIX system is all about never before seen construction bricks that change their shape before your eyes. These construction bricks can shapeshift and change to become mini figures, action figures, weapons, gear, gadgets and more. What's more, our bricks snap together with other leading construction systems.

Tenkai Knights is an all new entertainment property that uses the IONIX build system and its incredible shapeshifting bricks. You can create your favorite Tenkai Knight’s mini-figures, Tenkai Titan figures, and shapeshifting vehicles only by using IONIX bricks.

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Q: Are the IONIX bricks in the sets compatible with my existing construction sets I have at home?
A: Yes! IONIX bricks are fully compatible with other construction sets so the possibilities are endless.
Q: Where can I find instructions on how to build a Robofusion? They aren't included in the mini-figure blister pack.
A: You can find all Robofusion instructions online. You can also get help building the Robofusions by viewing our all new digital Instruction sheets on

Click here for more info and to view and download the pdf
Q: Where exactly can I find the parts to build the Robofusions?
A: Robofusion parts are only found in the individual mini figure blister card packs.
Q: I've read the FAQ and I still need help
A: Our Custom Care Department can be reached at: 1-800-622-8339 or email us at Hours: Monday - Friday 11am - 7pm EST.

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1-800-622-8339 (US/Canada) Hours: Monday - Friday 11am - 7pm EST.


Email us at any time and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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