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Ionix bricks are like no other. They can shapeshift from brick to hero in a matter of seconds. Unassuming walls become armies and dropships become interdimensional portals. The possibilities are limitless, so what are you waiting for? Shapeshift. Build. Unleash!

Toothless Night Fury 20001

Playful, inquisitive, and intelligent. Toothless is Hiccup’s best friend and loyal companion! Shapeshift from brick to winged beast ... More Info

Meatlug Gronckle 20002

With a chunky body and tiny wings, Meatlug’s unusual appearance hides the fearsome warrior inside! Shapeshift from brick to 4-legged ... More Info

Stormfly Nadder 20003

Astrid’s Deadly Nadder Stormfly is her ferocious protector, and is as beautiful as she is lethal! Shapeshift from brick to winged ... More Info

Cloudjumper Stormcutter 20004

Cloudjumper’s four wings make him a deadly airborne predator! Shapeshift from brick to winged beast as you build Cloudjumper into a ... More Info

Barf & Belch Zippleback 20005

Enter the world of DreamWorks Dragons and wreak havoc with Barf & Belch, the Hideous Zippleback Dragon! Shapeshift from brick to ... More Info

Hookfang Monstrous Nightmare 20006

Enter the world of DreamWorks Dragons and soar the open skies with the terrifying Hookfang! Shapeshift from brick to winged beast as you build ... More Info

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