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Ionix bricks are like no other. They can shapeshift from brick to hero in a matter of seconds. Unassuming walls become armies and dropships become interdimensional portals. The possibilities are limitless, so what are you waiting for? Shapeshift. Build. Unleash!

Toothless Viking Attack 21001

Enter the world of DreamWorks Dragons with Toothless, and battle against the dragon hunter Eret and his dragon-capturing war machine! ... More Info

Giant Toothless Battle Set 21003

Drago and his ultimate war machine are after Toothless and Hiccup! Shapeshift from Titan brick to giant beast as you build Toothless into a mighty ... More Info

2-in-1 Dimensional Dropship / Portal 10701

Dimensional Portal
When called upon to battle against Vilius’ Corrupted army - there’s really only one way to get there. ... More Info

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